Policies Regarding Residence Requirements and Transfer Credits



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Policies and Procedures Regarding Admission

  1. No student shall be denied admission to the college by reason of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, political affiliation or conviction.
  2. Every applicant for admission shall present the following credentials.


a.  New Students.  This term refers to students (1) who are entering first year college,  (2) have never studied at NLAC previously and  (3) had transferred from NLAC to other schools and are coming back

·        Report Card (Form 138)

·        Certificate of good moral character

·        Accomplished application form

·        Signed Student pledge

·        Authenticated Birth Certificate

·        Identical Pictures:  4 cps. 2x2

b.   Old Students.  This term refers to students who had been studying at NLAC, and those who had interrupted their studies but have requested for transfer credentials to other schools.


c.   Transferees

·        Application form

·        Honorable dismissal

·        Certified true copy of grades

·        Certificate of good moral character

·        Identical pictures 4 copies 1x1, 4 copies 2x2


d.  Foreign Students

In addition to the above, foreign students must comply with the following requirements for admission:


·        He/she should have a Certified Xerox Copy of the Student Visa

·        He/she should have a Certified Xerox Copy of the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

·        The applicant must have an average grade/over-all grade point average (GPA) of B- (2.00).

·        Statement of Eligibility for Admission to a particular course from the Commission on Higher Education, Department of Education, (DEp-Ed.)

·        For non-English speaking countries, an applicant must present a certification that he/she passed the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) from the country of origin.  If not available, the prospective student must attend the NLAC English Proficiency (Language) Center for at least one semester.

·        Must submit a certification of good moral character and a recommendation letter from the school last attended.

·        Must submit a copy of the transcript of records for evaluation purposes.

·        Must pay an application fee of US175 which is non-refundable upon submission of the         filled out application form to the College.

·        An airfare Guarantee Deposit is required upon enrollment.  This deposit represents the         student’s purchase of his/her ticket back to his/her own country, which could only be withdrawn upon finishing the course or leaving the college permanently.  This cannot be used for any other purpose.


For Student Visa Application

            A foreign student who comes to the Philippines for the sole purpose of taking courses higher than high school could at least be 18 years of age.  He/she must submit the following documents required by the Department of Foreign Affairs:


1.  Six (6) copies of Personal History Statement (PHS form will be provided)—with original signature, picture, and left and right thumb marks on each copy.

2.  Two (2) copies of transcript of records—original, translated to English and properly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the applicant’s country of    origin    or legal residence.

3.  An affidavit of support and a bank reference/certification of a sponsoring person or organization properly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the            applicant’s country or origin or legal residence.

4.  Photocopy of passport where the picture, birth dates and birthplace appear.


Additional Information for the Admission of Foreign Students


            In order for foreign students to have a pleasant stay in the country, the students must abide with the following instructions:


1. Upon arrival of the student in the Philippines, he/she is required to go to the National Quarantine Office for medical clearance.  Then he/she proceeds to the Office of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to apply for ACR I-Card.


e.  Provisionary admission is granted to an enrollee who has not met a couple of requirements during enrolment

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